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About Us is a family owned business established in Maryland. We started as two college sweethearts selling t-shirts to pay tuitions. She was in business management major and he was in architecture major. Soon our business grew beyond what we can handle as part-time college students. We made two biggest decisions in our life: quit college for business and got married. Those was big but not hard decisions because we enjoyed making t-shirts with each other - and that has never changed.


From the first t-shirt we sold to today's, we experienced countless bitter-sweet moments. Here is a few: ruining customer's lives with human errors, we made up to them eventually; driving cross state-lines to do emergency deliveries; destroying our super expensive DTG machine with stupidity; rejecting investors because we were too young to know any better; and donating medical gears to our local hospitals and schools in the pandemic. I mean, we are humans after all and we are not perfect, but we have feelings. It is always our intention to do our best, for you and for us.


Fast forward to today, we are a family of five (2 kids and a dog). We have moved from online retail platforms to our own website. We become less jumpy, and much more responsible on decision making. But what haven't changed is our joy of running this t-shirt business with each other. And this guarantees the quality in our product and service.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


Shirley & Daniel